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Spring Is In The Air!

My workshop smells like lilac heaven and I love it. LOVE it. Well, my workshop is under a bit of renovations thanks to my dear hubby and I can't wait to start working in it! Shelves and storage for days. The Virgo in me has all the plans and I am so looking forward to getting started in the new space.

In the meantime...getting back to lilac heaven...

I launched a new scent today - ENGLISH GARDEN - and it has all the springtime feels. If you like light, fresh florals this is the fragrance for you. Lilacs, lily of the valley, fresh greens and carnation bloom together for a lovely bouqet. I've paired this scent with a new candle here at noelle rose studio - our Apothecary Jar. I loved the simple yet unique shape of this glass jar and the clean lines of the coordinating maple lids. This jar will be a keeper to use for all kinds of household trinkets and treats. AND I finally wised up and selected a label that is fully removable without leaving any sticky residue behind.

I'm tossing around all kinds of spring, summer, Mother's Day gift boxes, subscription ideas and hope to get them all headed your way very soon. Let me know if there's anything you'd like us to offer and we always love to see those #noellerosestudio hashtags and welcome all of your feedback - post a review for us if you have a minute!

Have a great week!



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